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The Piovaticci brand was born in 1973 from the combination of industrial eponymous Pesaro and the pilot Eugenio Lazzarini. The first two cars bearing the new brand were a 250 and a 125cc, both obtained by modifying and perfecting Maico engines. The Piovaticci-Maico turned out the best Italian displacement exponent conquering Lazzarini with the Italian Seniors title and fifth place in the world championship with a stunning victory in G. P. d ‘Netherlands. Not just as occurred in 1974 so Piovaticci thought to do things bigger and at the end of the season he called his small department two Dutch technical races that came from Yamaha, Jan and Martin Tuie Mijwaart who were commissioned to create new engines and 50 125. following a second-Piovaticci Maico was entrusted to the pilot from Pesaro Guido Mancini.
He closed the season with good positions. Subsequently, the two Dutch engineers moved to where Bultaco had built a 50 cc which was basically a Piovaticci revised it: with this engine, the Spanish house won three world titles, in 1976 and 1977 with Angel Nieto and in 1978 with Riccardo Tormo.